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Friday, October 30, 2009

By Age Three

Those first three years was an endless stream of discoveries so to speak. As I said, mom and dad realized that while I was special I was also different, as the many visits to Dr’s and the hospital became a growing list of “disabilities” .

By age three, it had been determined that I had several issues on board:

Sight (strabismus and near-sighted)
Hearing (recurrent ear infections, hearing loss)
Speaking (I didn’t)
Ambulating (I couldn’t)
Developmental Delays (Not likely to progress beyond 24 months)
Gastro-intestinal (Small stomach, slow motility)
Gastro-intestinal (Severe reflux – projectile vomiting)
Food Allergies (Soy, Dairy)
Medical Allergies (most antibiotics)
Substance Allergies (latex)
Texture sensitivity (Grass, Concrete, Carpeting, …..)
Oral Texture sensitivity
Seizures (Suspected)
Asperger Syndrome (Confirmed)


Down Syndrome

Just to name a few

But I had settled in and settled down….Mom’s life had already been changed irreversibly. She had stopped working when I was a three month in utero and hadn’t returned. It just made no sense since she had to be readily available to attend to my needs. Guess her thought at the hospital that life would never be the same had been accurate but somehow I don’t think she would have had it any other way….

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