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Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Deed Is Done

Over the weekend, mom and dad came to see me. The grass is starting to grow over my grave now – by spring it won’t look “fresh” any more and maybe then it will be easier for them to see at it. Dad dreamed about me last night – a first. He doesn’t remember the details (unusual because he always remembers his dreams and the details), he just remembers sensing my presence and an “image” from the hospital. I think the “image” was a left-over from talking to mom just before bed. She was telling dad that she wakes up every morning with the image of that last night in the hospital. They are both doing pretty good and I am glad they are starting to “heal” but I still worry about my sibs … I’ll have to keep an eye on them.

Mom and dad finished what no parent should ever have to do, they sorted through and packed away most of my belongings….

......... there are still things to go through and things to take care of … my (enclosed hospital) bed, my newer Convaid chair, other things like that which can’t just “be put away” or moved….. and my “every day” Convaid chair that mom still can’t bring herself to take out of her car. These will take time and are mostly out of their control ….

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