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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Homeward bound

And finally the big day came. I was going home !. Oddly, it was August 30 th – my original due date. Mom and dad came with a special “going home outfit” and a carrier and we were packed up and ready to go … but first, I got to see sis. I was so happy and so was she. After all that time of just seeing each other thru that tiny window, we could finally touch each other.

We all loaded into he car and off we went toward home. I had never seen the outside… it was great. I still had problems holding my head up so my view was a little limited by which way my head flopped but still .. I had never seen any of this before.

Once home, mom and dad and sis showed me around. I liked my room – it was bright and sunny and comfortable, but I spent most of my time with mom or sis because I had to be fed every hour.. And as I said, I didn’t like to be burped so it was more like this:

Feed me
Step one: one ounce of Nutramigen – 15 minutes
(A formula for babies with Food Allergies and Protein Sensitivity)
Step two: Burp me – 30 minutes
Step three: Clean up – 5 minutes
Step four: Spit up – 5 minutes
Step Five: Clean up again – 5 minutes
Start over……

And so it went until it was bedtime.

Now bedtime was interesting also. I had never been in the dark !. In NBSCU, the lights were always on !When mom put me in my cradle and turned out the lights, I was terrified. Over the next few weeks, I learned to accept the dark but it took a lot of mom and dad sleeping with the lights on to get there.

And I was still classified as “failure to thrive”…..

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