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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Why ?

Eighteen years ago, my God gave my parents a very special gift....Me !

They of course didn't know how special I was, all they knew of me and my complexities were from "Life goes on" and the "special" people working at the grocery store. Oh, when they learned I was "special", they studied up on me. and all the things that I could do in spite of my problems but they didn't suspect that I had a lot of to teach them and that they were going to be my loving students.

Today, I am with my God. I spent two month's in the hospital trying to decide if it was time to leave my family. Had I taught them all they need to know ? Would they be ok without me ?

Only my God knew the answers and He hadn't told me so I "hung in there" and waited - for the sign, the approval, the indication that my job was done......

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