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Sunday, October 11, 2009


The next two months (six weeks actually) are hard for me to remember, so much was going on….

When I arrived in the NBSCU, I was immediately put on CPAP since my lungs weren’t fully developed. It was funny, kind of like a clear plastic cake tray cover with a hole in it for my neck, and they stuck me in an incubator. I got the “honored” position of “the hot seat ‘ or “position one” , meaning I was the sickest baby in the NBSCU.

Needless to say, I was trying to pull tubes from day .

That first day, dad came to see me and mom came down from her room. We finally met and there was an instant superglue-like bond. All day long a whole bunch of strangers kept coming to see me, some were family folks but more were Dr’s and nurses. I just wanted them to leave me alone and I fought them as much as I could.

Mom and dad were being visited also, by these family people, Dr’s, nurses and a whole lot of other people telling them that I was “special” and why. Finally, late into the evening, they got a chance to talk, how mom knew that life was never going to be the same and they joked about the night before…how all that was missing from my arrival were the fireworks. And just as dad said that, the New Haven July Fourth Fireworks display began over the harbor …

My arrival was complete ….

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