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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Once home ...

Once I got home, I set straight to work on building a following:

Mom and dad started for me at the NBSCU. Another baby named Isabelle had been born very close to my birthday but unlike my mom and dad, hers didn’t know beforehand that she had Down Syndrome. Mom and dad, with the nurse’s permission, left a note for them in her bassinette and we became friends. She and I both were in the Birth-to-three program. Birth-to-three started as soon as I was home and I was stable enough for it. A number of people came to see me from Birth-to-three, for various reasons, but by the time I was six months old, I had narrowed the number down to three people I always kept close to my heart. They were my favorite (non-family) people and even though they didn’t know each other when I came on board, they became friends through me.

My first loves:
  • Marty (Teacher)
  • Rhonda (Speech)
  • Ruth (PT)

For two and a half years, until I “graduated” from birth-to-three and into the regular school system,we were really tight friends.

I became very close too with my many Dr’s. - and there were many - but to name the special ones……Dr’s LaCamera and Wessel were my pediatricians when I was born and Dr. Anderson joined thier practice very soon after I was born. As time went on, Dr’s LaCamera and Wessell retired from the practice but Dr LaCamera kept tabs on me through his work at my school, the ACES Village Street School, as he had through his work with Birth-to-Three. I kept them hoping with my usual "well-care" visits to thier office, fairly regular visits to the emergency room for one reason or another, ongoing issues like allergies and projectile vomiting, and generally “failing to thrive”.

Dr’s Gould and Mann joined what eventually became Whitney Pediatrics and I of course worked my magic on them too. By the time they joined, I had leveled off a little so I let them “off the hook” a bit by comparison, but I still kept them hopping.  I can't remeber he last time I saw Dr. Wessell but the others all visited me and followed me through my stay at the hospital and to the end.

My other favorite Dr. was Dr. Kveton. I saw him for my ears from the time I was 3, right up till the time I passed. I even had my own room with Dr. Kveton, not that they gave me my own room at his office, I just decided that I would take it. And since I had decided that this was "my room", I would not go into another one !   I liked Dr. DeLuca too…he was my orthopedist from as far back as I can remember and always watched my hips and monitored my ambulation. There were other Dr's too, at Yale and private practice, but these are the Dr's that I saw most often and knew me best.


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