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Sunday, October 4, 2009

I am born

So come July of 1991 and I am happily lounging around in utero. Mom is immense but has had regular checkups and ultrasounds. Everything looks good.

It has been confirmed that I had duodenal atresia but they are going to fix it after I am born. Mom and Dad have been talking to the Dr's all the way along to make sure that everything goes smoothly when I decide it is time to be born. Sadly but necessarily, they have talked to the priest also to make sure I can be blessed if anything goes wrong when I make my debut. Mom's obgyn had to get privileges at YNHH because he doesn't normally practice there, opting instead for ST. Rapheal's. But it is very possible and even somewhat likely that I am going to require care at YNHH and mom and dad want to just go there rather than have to transport there later.

Anyway, on July third mom asked dad to look at the stretch marks on her belly. Dad has said he remembers thinking to himself that "human skin can't stretch any more than this". Shortly after that, mom started having pains - not labor, just pains. They know now that it was labor but mom never had any real pain with Sis and it was so far before my due date, that they thought it was just intestinal cramping. Regardless, dad kept calling the Dr. just to make sure there wasn't something wrong and the Dr also thought it was cramping, so  not to worry.

Wrong ! ...

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