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Friday, October 30, 2009

Barney Moves In

Later on, after I stabilized a bit and could almost sit up, I became familiar with TV never really watched TV when I was young but I did watch the same VCR tapes (remember VCR Tapes ?) over and over. One day mom was looking for something on TV and she came across “Barney and friends”. I seemed to enjoy it so she bought a VCR tape of a few shows and thus began an almost endless parade of “Barney Video Tapes, Barney Audio Tapes, Barney Songs, Barney Concerts, Barney Dolls, Barney Toys. It was purple and green everywhere !

I eventually got up to about 15 Barney Videos that were played repeatedly and The whole family knew all of the characters; Barney, Baby Bop, the “real” kids.

I simply LOVED Barney and his “Let’s be friends”. Anyone who came to our house had to know the theme song. Barney was the first of my many video obsessions and he by far lasted the longest. Dad put my favorite songs from my other video obsessions on the right. Enjoy them when you can .....

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