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Friday, October 9, 2009


So, I started life by winning special needs lottery. There are so many kids worse off than I was but still, I had more than a fair share of issues. I was premature, had Down Syndrome, Asberger's Syndrome (a form of Autism), brain damage from asphixiation at birth and severe retardation to name just the major things.

Before I tell you more I must tell you this:

My mom is the most remarkable women on this green earth. My father is good but I owe my 18 years to my mom, not dad. I owe the women who lived her life around me and my needs and kept me alive and well and happy every minute of my life.

I ended life as an 18 year-old with limited capabilities. Mentally, I was no more than 18 months old. I never talked. I never walked. I never expressed an opinion. I banged my chest if I was angry and I had a few sounds that sometimes seemed to mean something. I wore diapers and thought it was hilarious to make loud noises, particularly if someone reacted.

I lived a rich and full life. I was loved more than I can explain and I paid that back, with interest,  in the only way I could: Unconditional love

But I digress again... back to my story

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