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Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Eve, 2009

SO …..

It is New Year’s Eve, 2009….. and I have never before looked forward to the new year as much as I do today.

Not that tonight will be anything special, in fact it will likely pass with barely a notice from Eleanor and I. We will likely Fall asleep around 10 (oh, can you stand the excitement ?) wake up at midnight long enough to wish each other (and the kids if they are awake) a “Happy New Year” and then fall back asleep.

But tomorrow morning…I can’t wait… a new year, a new beginning. Nothing will really change, I will probably work around the house, pay bills, catch up on paperwork BUT the attitude and perception will be different. It will no longer be the worse year of my life;
  • NOT the year our son died
  • NOT the that I lost my Florida condo
  • NOT the year that I accept the likely loss of my other CT property
  • NOT the year we needed counseling to get through our grief
  • NOT the year I hit a pedestrian

 But rather, it;

  •  WILL BE the year I regroup, lick my wounds and rebuild my financial life
  •  WILL BE the year I reinvigorate my “career”
  •  WILL BE the year I resurrect my entrepreneurial plans and efforts
  •  WILL BE the year I reconnect with my kids after being absent fronm their lives during and after Andrew’s illness
  •  WILL BE the year I move beyond the reminders (but never the memory) of Andrew
It will be the year I stop questioning (my) GOD for all that has happened and instead pray for an understanding of why it happened and the wisdom to use the experiences to batter myself and the lives of my family.

It will be the year that we survive and we thrive

The stake gets hammered into the ground at midnite … stay tuned

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