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Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas is behind us, now for New Years

Well, Christmas is finally behind us and it was a very strange weekend. Although we decorated the house , it was mostly for Annie and AJ, and if not for that you would not have been able to tell it was a holiday.

Annie and AJ spent Christmas eve and most of Christmas day at Allison's and then at friends. They wanted to and we agreed since the events of this year were likely to overshadow any joy and we don't want them impacted any more than necessary.

El and I spent the weekend like we would any other day. Fell asleep around 9 on Christnmas eve and spent Christmas day doing odd things around the house.

It was a tough night and day, really tough.

A bright spot however in an otherwise really bad Christmas though was that we had dinner and visited with my aunt and uncle and their daughter. It was so "normal"  to be with family and not talkor think about Andrew. I am so glad we went.

Saturday and Sunday were spent finishing up the move from the (now) old house. I still think nieghbors are sneaking in at night and leaving stuff there - this just never ends.

But I reached a benchmark of sorts. I quickly ran out of room for things with the (now) new house being smaller and only a one car garage, and the garage filled quickly mostly because Andrew's bed and other paraphenalia is in it.

I found myself cursing the bed ... and immediately fell sad at the thought that this bed that had made it possible for Andrew to live home all those years was now just an annoyance could I feel that way ?.
Maybe I am just finally accepting everything.

I need now to get through New Year's Eve. We never really did much on New Year's Eve to celebrate but this year will be even less in the way of physically partying .... BUT ... I am mentally and emotionally celebrating like never before at the passing of 2009. January 1 is my stake in the ground, the day when I can say this lousy year is behind us.

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  1. I wish we were there with you on Christmas, but I had to give equal time to Gary's family. 1989 was my bad year (nothing like yours, but bad nevertheless), and, as I had hoped, 1990 brought new hope (I met Gary that year), and I hope and pray the same for you and your family in 2010.


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