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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Has it really been six weeks . ?

A while back, I (dad) said that doing this blog was providing me with therapeutic value. While that remains true, I think I may now be crossing the line from therapeutic to prolonging the agony. I find that my memories from Andrew’s first year or two are quite clear as, of course, are tose of the recent past is but the order of the events in between escape me… in some instances, even the memory of the event escapes me unless prompted.

So I change my approach to this blog, I will continue to write updates to the blog but I will likely update it less frequently ... and the updates will be by me – no longer speaking as Andrew.

I am not going to attempt to adhere to a chronological format but rather, speak of things as they occur to me. There are so many memories of my remarkable son and trying to sort them into a chronological order negates the pleasure of remembering.

So .....  tomorrow I start a random brain-dump of the pieces of Andrew’s life that made him the special child that he was. I will continue to write updates to the blog , likely less frequently and not necessarily in chronological order .

I ask and invite my immediate and extended family, my friends and aquaintances, and all the people who were touched by Andrew to comment on and add entries to this blog


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  1. I understand your need to move on, but I have really enjoyed reading these posts. It has been nice getting to know your family better(and especially Andrew). Sad that it takes reading a blog for that, but that's the way in these crazy lives of ours. Much love to everyone. C


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